Guidelines for Artwork Image Submission  for Shows and Online Gallery

You must take a digital photo of artwork and submit it by uploading it through the Foothills website. Photo should be taken without glass in front to reduce glare from the glass.

 Images of artwork entered online must adhere to the following guidelines;

  • Must be in .jpg format (Mac = .jpeg)
  • Image file must have a proper title such as “Evening Approach.jpg” (not acceptable are names like “image_1824.jpg or 2024/04/image/”.
  • File must be no larger than 2-3 mb.
  • Photo must be cropped to include only the artwork and no background or matting. Images of artwork on an easel or surrounded by mat board are not acceptable.
  • Photo must be in proper landscape or portrait mode.
  • Photo must be in perfect focus without excessive glare and must have proper lighting, so the image best represents the artwork. Image editing services are not provided by the webmaster.

Simply put:

  • Name your image with the title of your artwork
  • Files must be in jpg format

File must be no larger than 2-3 mb.

To rename a photo on iPhone or iPad:
  1. Select photo you want to rename
  2. Tap the share icon
  3. In the drop-down menu chose save to files
  4. Open files and select the new photo
  5. You will be given the option to name the file
  6. Name the file the title of the painting
  7. When submitting artwork photos, upload them from your files to ensure your photo will be named at entry.
To rename a photo on Android phone:
  1. Select the photo in your gallery
  2. Beneath the photo, click on the circled letter i
  3. Select edit
  4. Choose the title and rename with the title of the artwork
  5. Click Save

Not meeting requirements can result in image not being accepted.  This is particularly important for juried shows, which may be juried online..jpg