Featured Artist

Each month we spotlight one of our many talented artists and give them an opportunity to showcase their artwork. We hope you enjoy this months featured artist and be sure to check back with us next month! 

For questions about the Featured Artist or to offer to be a Featured Artist contact — JUDY SAWYER  619-993-9113


Rhonda Anderson

I love to both draw and paint and I do it every day. I work with all drawing mediums, especially colored pencils,water-media, and mixed media. With color expressionism, it is my intention to explore concepts both personal and universal with the hope of communicating the beauty and fragility of this world. It’s the intangible and ephemeral nature of both the physical and spiritual that I try to express with my subject matter. Presently, I am also exploring a part of my cultural heritage with the art of “nihonga” or the Japanese style of painting. It's my intention to be expressive stylistically with both color and composition so that the viewer finds it compelling, beautiful, and filled with wonder, and maybe a bit of magic.