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Each month we spotlight one of our many talented artists and give them an opportunity to showcase their artwork. We hope you enjoy this months featured artist and be sure to check back with us next month!

Rustin Holec

Rustin's bio: Native to and resident of San Diego California, Rustin has always enjoyed the mild desert climate and vast diversity found throughout Southern California, and often wanders the local mountains and coastline in search of inspiration. He began working in oils a couple years after the turn of the millennium with the hope of finding a new outlet of creativity and focus, as well as finding a diversion from his everyday work life. Prior to venturing into painting, Rustin dabbled in black-and-white photography where he was fascinated capturing a moment on film and manipulating it to create a mood or statement. At the same time however, he also found it to be limiting with respect to his own creative needs and eventually decided to seek an alternative medium. Through classes offered at Grossmont Community College and private instruction through Mr. Jack Jordan, a well-recognized and respected artist and illustrator with several decades experience, Rustin was introduced to painting with oils and immediately found a new adventure that he found to be both a powerful means of expression and natural conduit for relaxing meditation. Today, Rustin’s focus remains with oils, and occasionally in acrylics depending on the subject and desired effect he is trying to capture. His subject matter varies with each fresh canvas or board, as he enjoys the peaceful serenity in landscapes, the mood and flow in seascapes, expressions and suggestions in portraits and forms, and most of all, trying to combine facets of each to create a story or idea. Artist’s Statement Regardless of the subject, painting is not merely copying or a series of random brush strokes. It is a means of expression through thoughtful creation, fueled by imagination, passion, desire and mood. It is a portal through which to escape, explore, and find oneself. For the artist, it is his or her legacy through which current and future explorers are invited to visit and dream. Each piece of art, each brush stroke is a statement; a thought the artist felt strongly enough had value to put out there. The intensity or strength of that value might be expressed through the temperature of color, the confidence in robust impasto; it could be a whisper of sensuality heard through the soft blending of brush strokes, something mysterious and hidden within a shadow; or changes in light values. And although the artist's intent may differ from what the viewer discovers, the important thing is that the viewer open up his or her mind to that piece of art so as to experience and interpret individual perceptions, to find meaning, stir emotion, spark inspiration, and allow the mind to roam to destinations unknown.

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