Featured Artist

Each month we spotlight one of our many talented artists and give them an opportunity to showcase their artwork. We hope you enjoy this months featured artist and be sure to check back with us next month!

Toby Scriba

One beautiful Spring Day in New Jersey, I said to my spouse “I’d love to live where it was like this every day!” After retiring from our teaching careers and finding ourselves somewhat free of family responsibilities, my husband and I moved lock, stock and sailboat to San Diego. The Arts provided me with a 33 year career teaching high school art as well as an introduction to so many wonderful means of expression. I taught sculpture, welding, pottery, jewelry making, photography, and computer art. Summers off allowed me the time to explore the book arts and teach workshops in the ancient art of Ebru. A few years after moving here, I began taking watercolor classes with Drew Bandish. That has been rewarding in many ways. I thank him for sharing his amazing talent and his generosity of spirit in encouraging me to keep moving in creative directions. I’ve also met such interesting and creative people in these classes, many of whom I now call good friends. My paintings don’t fit into any particular style or category. Each is a way to try a technique, learn a bit more and, most of all, enjoy the process.

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