Featured Artist Rules


Any person wishing to have a featured artist show or to participate in rotating shows must meet the following requirements:

Five examples of your work done within the last two years must be submitted on the jury date properly matted and framed.

If you work in more than one medium, please include examples of each. The jurors may request more than five if you plan to include more than two media. The chairperson will notify you if this is the case.

Work must be original and unaided (no class work copies or paintings of famous people).

No artist may have a featured artist show less than two (2) years apart, unless approved by the board.

Featured Artist may have an Artist’s Reception on one Saturday during the month. You must provide all refreshments.

Contact Judy Sawyer  (619) 933-9113 if you want to be the featured artist and to arrange your show.


1. You must install your artwork the same day as our General meeting. You may choose to work with the hanging committee the following day if you need help.
2. All pieces must meet the attached standing rules for exhibits

3. There is no maximum amount of pieces you may bring – they must be able to fit on the wall designated for Featured Artist (plus the front entry wall)
4. You must bring your own labels/cards to hang with your pieces (or come in early to print them at the front desk)
5. You may have a reception for your show. If so, please email before the 10th of the month in order to announce it in the newsletter. Receptions are typically on a Saturday somewhere between noon and 5pm.
6. The reception is your responsibility including all refreshments and locking up. 

7. Featured Artists must gallery sit the Saturday of the reception and at least one more Saturday during their month. The featured artist must inform the Gallery Sitting Committee of the specific dates they choose (one Saturday for their reception and the second Saturday sitting day) so that other members can fill in on the remaining Saturdays