Foothills Code of Ethics

In order to build and maintain the respect of the art field and the public, and to secure to the artist the benefits of economic and cultural growth, we establish this code of ethics of rights and obligations. We expect members of our Foothills Art Association, La Mesa, Inc. to be governed thereby.
We will encourage each artist to create his own work, expressing himself in his interpretation of his subject.

1. We will strive to keep our aims and integrity above question.
2. We will not knowingly injure or damage the reputation or work of another artists.
3. We will be honest with both customer and fellow artist.
4. We will be honest with our association, gladly making donations when sales are made through our association-sponsored facilities or activities, unless otherwise specified. (Suggested: 5% Rotating; 10% Gallery)

1. We will not copy work of another living artist without written consent of the artist or owner.
2. We will adhere to the time span of one hundred years from the date of the original artist work that may be copied.
3. We will adhere to the accepted rule that copy work must be of different size, bear name of original artist, the word “copy” or “d’apres” in the lower right hand corner, the name of the person making the copy and the date. All must be visible when copy is framed.
4. We will not copy our own work over and over and sell each as an “original”.
5. If a fairly accurate copy is made of a magazine or other printed photograph, we will so identify it.

1. We will enter only our own creative work in featured artist shows.
2. We will strive to maintain good monthly exhibits and to submit fairly recent and best works.

Let us all abide by agreed rules and regulations of our organization and conduct ourselves in such a manner as never to bring discredit upon ourselves or our organization or the art profession