Foothills Art Show Themes - 2024

Please see the brief descriptions below and know that themes are suggested and not mandatory for most shows. We hope you are excited about the inspiration these new themes might provide. In addition, the artwork that best represents the theme of each show will be awarded a certificate/ prize and the artwork will be featured as the show image for marketing and on social media.   All artwork must meet FAA standing rules for exhibits.
JANUARY – PEACE Members’ show with no entry fee
Peace is freedom from violence. Peace is compassion for others. Peace is being able to thrive…and be who you are. When do you feel peaceful? What does peace mean to you?
FEBRUARY  RED Members’ show with no entry fee
Let’s celebrate this fiery hue during the month of love! Red is considered the warmest and most contradictory of the colors and it can evoke both positive and negative emotions. Some may find it bold, exciting, and dominating, while others feel it is passionate, fun and playful. How do you see red?
MARCH  – INSPIRED Members’ show with no entry fee
This show will feature artwork that is inspired or inspires others. Are you inspired by the old masters, the classics, fond memories, the beauty found in nature, or the simple things in life? Show us what inspires you…or helps you inspire others.
APRIL  – COLOR MY WORLD! Juried & judged members’ show with entry fees & awards
Colors play an exceptionally prominent role in our lives. They influence our thinking, inspire our decision-making, and impact our moods. Bright, warm colors (red, oranges, yellows) can stimulate energy and happiness while cool, subdued colors (blues, greens, purples) can be soothing and calming. How do you see color in the world?
MAY  – EXPANDED MEDIA Members’ show with no entry fee
Now is the time to expand your horizons! This show broadens the imagination and features art media that we don’t usually get to see at the Foothills Fine Art Gallery. Try something new or showcase your expanded media.
JUNE  – SUMMER SOL Juried, judged, open show with entry fees and awards (TBD)
The summer solstice occurs at the moment the sun is at a maximum, so this show will feature artwork that evokes sunshine, light, summer vibes, play, vacations, water fun, and memories of summer.
JULY  – FAVORITE THINGS Members’ show with no entry fee
What are your favorite things?…things to have, things to do, things to create, things to eat or drink, things to say,
things to see…all the things!
AUGUST  – OCTOGENARIAN Members’ show, honoring Octogenarians (80+), no entry fee
This show features artwork created by FAA members that are 80 years old+.
SEPTEMBER – OCTOBER  – SMALL IMAGE Juried, judged, members’ show with entry fees & awards
The Small Image Show is a wonderful exhibit that features intricate and inspiring artwork with a maximum image size
of 7 inches x 7 inches, excluding the frame.
NOVEMBER  – WILDLIFE IN ART Juried, judged, open show with entry fees and awards
This wild and inspiring show will celebrate its 35th consecutive year in 2024. Artwork of all types of wildlife is accepted.
The Show awards more than $2,500 in cash and merchandise at an amazing Awards Reception.
See full prospectus for guidelines and requirements.
DECEMBER  – WINTER MOMENTS Members’ show with no entry fee
Winter is the coldest season and many changes can be observed in nature. Animals hibernate to stay warm and survive the cold. Winter is also a wonderful season to enjoy special moments with family and friends and enjoy a period of rest to celebrate special holidays. What are your favorite winter moments?