Art Show Highlights

31st Annual Wildlife in Art Show in November 2020

Thoughts on the show from Scott:

We are very excited and impressed about this year’s Wildlife show.  I continue to be in awe of the fantastic artworks created by our artist members.  It is full of fun, expressive and beautiful works of wildlife art to make us all smile with big grins.  Please enjoy this on-line exhibition showing and let me know what you think…

Hazel Waters’  (our Judge) Comments on her selection of the winning artworks”

1st Place Award ($400) – Inky by Dottie Hayes – This piece is bold in color and composition. Painted with humor and a singular style, “Inky” demanded first place.

2nd Place Award ($250) – National Mammal by Gloria Chadwick – This little piece wowed me! It is an unusual technique beautifully executed and it is imaginative and exquisite… a real jewel.

3rd Place Award ($100) – Barn Owl Musings by Sandie Seckington – This is a gorgeous translucent watercolor! It has all the elements of a strong composition and there is lovely use of soft colors and lost edges.

Barbara McDermott Memorial Award ($50) – Shared Moment  by Carol McClure – This is a lovely and unusual approach to the subject. I had difficulty deciding which of the three pieces to show and which to award! I opted for the polar bears because of the unusual and successful composition of this piece.  I remain gobsmacked by Carol’s mastery of this medium!

Honorable Mention ($25) – Great Blue by  Gary Dyak – I take my hat off to anyone who can use colored pencil like Gary. It was strong in composition, bold in colour. I looked at it for a long time, fascinated… sign of a good piece of art!

Honorable Mention ($25) – Creepy by Betty Johnsen – Translucent watercolor is a difficult medium to do well. This is a beautiful example. The management of colour, the compositional elements and the drawing skills make Creepy award worthy.

Honorable Mention ($25) – I dunno whadya want to do? by Scott Trimlett – Painted with great humour this painting had me laughing! As someone who has watched adolescent flamingos at the zoo, I could appreciate exactly what Scott was portraying! The colours are vibrant and the composition interesting… the idea behind it… brilliant.

Foothills Art Association Wildlife in Art Show in November 2020 
(our Judge) Hazel Waters Comments about the show:

Sixty four wonderful pieces of art from thirty five Foothills artists! Choosing the winners was really very difficult… so many differing styles and mediums competing for awards!  When I judge/jury I first of all I walk around the show and let the art works “talk” to me. The winners this year did just that!  Thank you for awarding me the honor of acting as judge/jurist for the 2020 Wildlife in Art show.

My final verdict… home grown is pretty darn good. Well done members!!

The following awards were generously sponsored by a business, group or individual and their insightful thoughts behind their award winning selection are noted below.  All our members are very grateful for our Sponsors continuing support of Foothills and our Wildlife in Art Show.

Nainsook Award ($100 framing certificate) – from Roz & Dan Oserin – Baby O by Tova Galgut – “Engaging!  The smile just drew me in.  Great use of color & composition as well as an unusual texture and finish! Love it!”

Bastet Award ($100) – from Teresa Ross – Night Prowler by Connie Grace – “Love it. Working on a black surface & achieving the sense of mass is wonderful.”

San Diego Drawing Guild Choice Award ($150) from SDDG Members – Great Blue by Gary Dyak – by the Guild’s judges: “Beautiful composition and technique.  Color theory Amazing. It gives a beautiful feeling of peace and oneness with this natural environment.  The brightness of the colors blend in perfectly with the composition and the drawing technique.”

Endangered Species Award ($100) from Debbie & Lee Atkinson – Restful Repose by Carol McClure – “Loved the Panda detail and the combination of textures & colors.”

Billie Mear Award ($50) from Debbie & Lee Atkinson – A One Hop & A Two Hop by Marilyn Grame – “Beautiful pastel capturing the unique personality of the Blue-Footed Booby.”

Natural (African) Background Award ($200) from Bill Barr – Just Hanging Out by Dottie Hayes – “Good definition of the animal with background, especially with watercolor.”

Personal Choice Award ($100) from Carol McClure – Watch Your Step – Kathy Falstad – “Great job with the peeking out from the rocks.  My eye went first to the beautiful cacti and then travelled to the snake.  Great Job!”

Artistic Finesse Award ($100) from Scott Trimlett – Serval Kitten – Roberta Labastida – “A collection of mastered techniques and an amazing capture of the Serval Kitten’s mood, all in one work of art.  I tip my hat to you. :0)”

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