Art Show Highlights

32st Annual Wildlife in Art Show in November 2021

Our 32nd Annual Wildlife in Art Show this year is an amazing and awe-inspiring collection of high caliber wildlife art. Tom Tiedeman (our show Juror) had quite a challenging time. First, Tom had to choose only about 80 of the 142 artworks that were entered into our open show by 74 artists. Then he had a more difficult task of only being able to select only 7 award winners in the show. As you might expect, he would have liked to have been able to jury in more artworks than the limit and certainly wanted to recognize more artworks/artists than 7 as winners in the show. After our Juror was done, our very generous Business, Group and Individual Sponsors arrived and made their award-winning selections for the show.

Our Wildlife show will be exhibited in our Porter Hall Gallery and on-line during the month of November and through December 8th this year. All these exhibited works are a pure visual pleasure to enjoy and have a “Wow! Factor” that would be hard to replicate. Bravo and congratulations to all artists who entered in this year’s show. Congratulations!

Please enjoy the show and let us know which were your favorite pieces in the show. We also give our sincere heartfelt special thanks to all our show volunteers and sponsors who generously supported and contributed to our show’s success.

Scott Trimlett President, Foothills Art Association


Thoughts on the show from Scott:

We are very excited and impressed about this year’s Wildlife show.  I continue to be in awe of the fantastic artworks created by our artist members.  It is full of fun, expressive and beautiful works of wildlife art to make us all smile with big grins.  Please enjoy this on-line exhibition showing and let me know what you think…

The following awards were selected by our Juror and the others generously sponsored by a business, group or individual and their insightful thoughts behind their award winning selection are noted below.  All our members are very grateful for our Sponsors continuing support of Foothills and our Wildlife in Art Show.