Art Show Highlights

Small Image Show October 2020

Thoughts on the show from Scott:

Our Small Image Show this month (October) is a visual delight (dessert for the eyes).  Congratulations! As a result of the creativity from 32 of our member amazingly creative artists, there were a total of 64 expressive artworks entered into the show. Bravo!

Whether you are one of our participating artists, an art admiring artist or enthusiast member, or someone visiting our website Show Gallery, there’s something of pleasure and awe in our show for you. Come into our Gallery and a look, have fun and enjoy browsing through the show… …we’re now open from 11 am to 2 pm on Tuesday thru Saturday in October.

Our Foothills Art Association Small Image Show this year was judged by Joan Hansen and she offered the following comments on her winning artworks selections:

 First Place:“Little Hummer” by Gary Dyak

Excellent design, good execution and framing.  The artist used a combination of linear and organic elements in the artwork.  The center of interest is well placed.  The background shapes, though bright, were solid shapes which provided a colorful warm foil for the cool textural elements in the humming bird.  They acted to “shine a light” on the center of interest.

Second Place: “Surf’s Up” by Roz Oserin

Strong composition and excellent use of spatial design elements. The warm bolder shapes in the foreground have the lightest value leading the eye to the cool softer blue tones in the upper portion of the composition.

Third Place: “Happy Duck” by Carol McClure

Well executed composition.  The eye of the duck is well placed.  The bubbles lead the eye to the serene ripples in the water which circle back to the center of interest.

Honorable Mention: “Nature’s Grandeur” by Sandra Hayen

Good use of spatial diversion in this composition.  The cool deeper tones in the foreground with muted yellow ochre trees lead the eye to the diagonal middle ground hill.  This hill leads the eye to the larger distant mountains which have more subtle tones and lighter values.  The largest tree is well placed.

Honorable Mention: “Canna” by Gary Dyak

Interesting composition.  The artist made good use of combining abstract shapes in the background with realistic flowers in the center of interest.

Gary Dyak’s Personal Choice Award: “Butler Canyon, Utah” by Mike Hefner. 

Gary noted: I picked Mikes painting because it first drew me to it right away and then after closer inspection I was aware of his mastery of the medium. It was technically excellent and esthetically pleasing.

(If you have an interest in buying an artwork on display in our show, please let us know by clicking on the “Contact” option from the menu above to send us an email and we’ll let the artist know of your interest and they will contact you directly. )

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