Featured Artist

Each month we spotlight one of our many talented artists and give them an opportunity to showcase their artwork. We hope you enjoy this months featured artist and be sure to check back with us next month! 

For questions about the Featured Artist or to offer to be a Featured Artist contact — JUDY SAWYER  619-993-9113


Grossmont District HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS 2023

"In partnership with Foothills, the district high schools are honored to have pieces of art displayed in the gallery. The Foothills Art Association has been so supportive of our programs - and Helix High in particular - over the 20 years of my teaching. I am so happy that our partnership has grown because more students from more communities are involved. This month's show includes works from Helix, West Hills, Granite Hills, Vahalla, Grossmont, IDEA Center, Monte Vista, Mount Miguel, and El Cajon Valley. This is a great opportunity for students to showcase their work, see what it is like to have public feedback and hopefully participate in FAA’s student membership where they can take advantage of art classes and even continue their membership afterwards to move forward in their own artistic ventures. I truly hope that we will continue this symbiotic relationship for years to come and that it will bring this amazing gallery and members more public exposure and potential members. I would like to formally express our thanks on behalf of the district’s Art Council and from me personally as a teacher and proud member of the Foothills Art Association."-- Christine Colera