RJ Pinner

The greatest artworks tell a story and I like to include some narrative in my work. I like to give a painting a sense of place and space, a context, a meaning. In painting I experience the joy of creating, the excitement of discovery I value the honor of sharing an auspicious subject, the satisfaction of completion, and a sense of connection with art history. My inspiration comes from a lifetime of travel, visiting museums, concern for the environment, and life experiences. I often find that travel introduces new experiences, subjects and insights for art. I have painted many landscapes and also portraits of people and animals with an eye for the location. More recently I have discovered that a painting speaks to me as I work, and especially in abstract mode this dialogue will direct the final piece. If you ask me for my favorite artist, it would be Winslow Homer. I especially like his many narrative scenes. And he could make one stroke of paint and not go back over it. I also like the colorful expressionists.
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