Art Show Highlights


Thoughts on the show from Scott:

Our 2020 Annual Members Juried/Judged Awards Show held this month (August) is absolutely fantastic.

 Congratulations to you all! As a result of the amazing
talents and inspired enthusiasm from 47 of our member artists, there were a total of 101 wonderful artworks entered into the show. Bravo!
Whether you are one of our participating artists, an art admiring artist or enthusiast member, or someone visiting our website Show Gallery, there’s something of pleasure and awe in our show for you. Take a look, have fun and enjoy browsing through the show…

Foothills Art Association August show – Roberta Dyer’s
(our Judge) Comments on her selection of the winning

 First Place: “Hungarian Horsewoman” by Connie Grace
This piece illustrates a mastery of technique as well as
composition, color choices and value. It has the impact of a
much larger piece while still showing the intimate
relationship between rider and horse. The large areas of
color as well as the smallest detail are rendered with skill
and a sure hand.
Second Place: “Pensive Pose 1” by Joan Merrick 
Not only does the artist show an understanding of the human
form, but has rendered it with a beautiful line and has
managed a relaxed pose even while showing a tension in
the shoulders and neck. The surfaces are gorgeous and
interesting, the palette choices are impactful and in harmony
with the subject. The subtlety of the background and dress
are perfectly offset by the vibrant shawl.
 Third Place: “Lucy the Great Horned Owlet” by Peggy Caballero
For a small piece, this has great impact. The contrast of
loose watercolor washes with the tighter rendering of the
face makes a powerful push and pull for the viewer to enjoy,
enhanced by the strong values. The artist also manages to
capture the tentative expression of wonder of a young

Foothills Art Association August show – Roberta Dyer’s
(our Judge) Comments on our Annual Member
Juried/Judged Show in August 2020

“It was a distinct pleasure to be able to look at so much wonderful art.  There was great variety and the artists all
showed a high level of expertise in their execution.  It was
very, very hard to narrow the field to twenty and then to the
seven award winners.  I tried to choose representatives from
the various media as well as subject matter and style.  At the
end, I just had to pick the ones that had a “Wow” factor for
me, because so many of the submissions qualified in the
other areas.”


Honorable Mentions for:

 “Mono No Aware” by Rhonda Anderson
I love the patterns and composition of this piece. Both are
bold and assured and combine to make this artwork
stunning. The artist has taken a much-rendered subject and
made it into a bold statement as a fine artwork.

 “Bad Hairdo” by Teri Csori
I can feel the sunshine and breeze, and it is painted with a
sure hand. The boldness of the foreground foliage nicely
sets off the more delicate rendering of the bird.

 “Incognito #2” by Roz Oserin
This is a piece rendered consistently thought. I love the
figures which illustrate the artist’s understanding of the
human form through the set of their bodies. The color palette
is bold and energetic.

 “Snowy Trek Home” by Luana Duprey
The mood of this artwork is sensitively presented. One can
feel the fatigue in the figures and the cold of their
surroundings. It is well done in a difficult medium.

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