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Thoughts on the show from Scott:

Our 2021 Annual Members Juried/Judged Awards Show held this month (April) is absolutely fantastic.

 Congratulations to you all! As a result of the amazing
talents and inspired enthusiasm from 42 of our member artists, there were a total of 68 wonderful artworks entered into the show. Bravo!
Whether you are one of our participating artists, an art admiring artist or enthusiast member, or someone visiting our website Show Gallery, there’s something of pleasure and awe in our show for you. Take a look, have fun and enjoy browsing through the show…

Foothills Art Association August show – Susan Hewitt’s
(our Judge) Comments on her selection of the winning

 First Place:

“Blue Moon” (Watercolor) by Angela Westengard

This exciting painting that can take your breath away… The asymmetry is risky but balanced with complementary colors and value changes. The bold brushstrokes of wet neutral pigment mixed hard dark edges lead us on a journey right up to the sky where the partial moon is waiting. It’s like a signpost that gives the viewer a direction to climb. It is masterfully done.

Second Place: 

“Chloe in the Morning Light” (Color Pencil) by Sharon Meng

 A famous artist once said if you can spot a work of art across the room, you know you’ve got a winner. The woman’s face was easily noticed across the room with a glowing, silent gaze hiding behind a few strands of her bangs. Cropped closely to the image, the rendering gives the viewer textures of loose hair and soft skin. She “talks” to you with amazing strokes of color, lights and some darker sections hitting all the right values. There so much power in this quiet portrait.  Beautiful!

 Third Place:

 “Just a Little Kiss” (Watercolor) by Dottie Thompson Hayes 

Paintings don’t have to be serious but a fun-loving painting should be well done and this one is. The beautiful composition   swirls around with a great division of almost abstract spacing until you get to the main characters of the image-a snail and lizard-I love it.   It tells a story that’s amusing to the viewer… then you see what complexity the brushwork is that went into the rest of the painting. It is detailed with expert rendering but stylized enough to create a humorous display of their warm curiosity.

Foothills Art Association August show – Susan Hewitt’s
(our Judge) Comments on our Annual Member
Juried/Judged Show in April 2021

It “…was truly fun walking through the gallery. It felt perfect gazing at the art, analyzing each picture, like normal.” 

“I’d like to thank Scott Trimlett and Roberta Labastida for giving me the opportunity to kick off Foothills Art Association 2021 “Annual Members Awards Show” event and view some wonderful artwork. How many times have we all thought in a few weeks, to couple months, to over a year in progress of this amazing time in our lives? No one would have imagined the length we waited for the light at the end of our personal tunnels: shaking a hand, hugging a friend, caressing a grandchild, or just going out to dinner!  I know we are not quite there yet but “whatever you do,” Abraham Lincoln said, “do it well.” Stay safe.

And Foothills Art Association, you do it well! Thank you!

Honorable Mentions for:

“Wally” (Scratchboard) by Carol McClure  I am in awe of scratchboard. The control offers such clarity and preciseness.  The dog stands out with dramatic value change. Its fur lifting up in the air gives soft texture, while the wagon’s hardedge value contrasts against the light and dark. The impact gives the dog’s portrait a sense of importance to the viewer. Well done with dynamic control.

“Eve” (Collage) by Mary Harrison  Even though this collage has a limited color palette, it is a great use of textures, colors, and shapes with a subtle variety of values that draw the viewer into the artwork. The central image is surrounded by pictographs of history directing the eye around the composition. The more you look, the more you see what life could have been; a unique presentation.

“The Golden Girls” (Color Pencil) by Carolyn Kenny  This is a great talented use of color pencils creating all the elements of design: line, shape, texture, space, color, and form. The horses’ bodies and manes’ shapes are expertly drawn against the darkest value to stand out in the composition. You can almost feel the texture of leather and sweat against fur while the animals patiently wait for command.    The images are static but the story is captivating with enormous talent presented.

“The Talk” (Watercolor) by Toby Scriba There’ so much here to view. The shapes are overlapping with darks and lights. The background is suggested with a loose painterly quality and the linear direction of the figures draw the viewer into the frame.  The warm colors showcase the cool neutrals working in compatible contrast-just as the women are. The composition is very angular but the shapes keep successfully pulling your eyes around the painting; a lovely watercolor.

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